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Holy Trinity School - ISSCC - International Education & Study Abroad SpecialistSchool ID: 966
School Name: Holy Trinity School
School Type: Co-Ed
City: Richmond Hill
Tuition fee: CAD$21,450
Residential Type: Day
Rental fee: N/A
Program offer: Grade JK - 12
Other Information: At HTS, a well-rounded education goes beyond academics, athletics and the arts to instill character and values that will last a lifetime. We believe in developing young people to their full potential mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It's not enough to acquire exceptional capabilities, without strength of character and a solid system of values to steer by. From the earliest grades onward, opportunities for personal growth abound. Students learn to lead by example, by taking responsibility for others, and by assuming an active role in the life and governance of the school. Confidence is cultivated by creating a safe, supportive environment in which to take risks. Principles of integrity and respect are modeled daily by school and student leaders, reinforced in the classroom and reflected upon in Chapel. Students grow into an awareness of personal and social responsibility, energetically embracing opportunities for volunteerism both at home and abroad. Active community service is a cornerstone of the HTS experience. Our youngest scholars are nurtured in an atmosphere that is challenging and exceptionally supportive. These early years form the foundation, not just for the lessons that lie ahead, but also for the habits of curiosity, imagination and intellectual integrity that will last a lifetime. Lower School is a lively place, full of the sights and sounds of enthusiastic learning – from finger puppet stories in the Primary Library to the Grade 6 Invention Convention. Here, elementary students are introduced to the concepts of thinking, knowing, questioning and communicating. They begin to develop research skills and the ability to evaluate information. They learn to harness their remarkable aptitude for technology to support new and exciting areas of discovery. They are encouraged to explore and express their innate creativity. Small classes and gifted teachers foster each child’s capabilities and confidence while a wide range of programmes and projects provides the opportunity to engage, enrich and expand intellectual horizons. These are years of immense growth and change for young people. HTS teachers have the skill and the sensitivity to support the personal development of each student, making Middle School an exciting place in which to explore and learn. At this stage, students are ready for the challenges of a more demanding curriculum. The academic program is designed to stretch capabilities in a structured environment that establishes effective work habits and time management skills. Course content is rigorous and inquiry-based, developing the ability to think critically, learn independently and communicate clearly. As students begin to broaden their horizons, taking advantage of leadership opportunities and assuming more responsibility within the school community, they benefit from increased individual attention. Beginning in Grade 7, each student is assigned a faculty mentor, to facilitate goal-setting, organization and prioritization, and provide consistent guidance and support right through to Grade 12 graduation. In Senior School, HTS students are exposed to advanced learning and leadership programs designed to prepare them for the challenges they will face in university and beyond. The curriculum is intense and standards are extremely high, but the rewards, in terms of personal achievement and fulfilment, are enormous. HTS seniors take full advantage of the support available to them as they hone their analytical abilities, gain confidence in decision- making and complex problem-solving, master the art of composition and presentation, and strengthen crucial teamwork skills. Beyond the classroom, Senior School provides exceptional opportunities for enrichment, enabling students to broaden their vision of the world, deepen their experience within it and bring knowledge to life. The focus, during these final years at HTS, is to educate and empower students to realize their potential, and exceed their own expectations. An impressive 100 per cent of HTS students graduate to leading post-secondary institutions.

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