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Al-Hijra Academy - ISSCC - International Education & Study Abroad SpecialistSchool ID: 747
School Name: Al-Hijra Academy
School Type: Co-Ed
City: Windsor
Tuition fee:
Residential Type:
Rental fee:
Program offer: Pre-school, Kindergarten, Grade 1 - 8, Quran programs
Other Information: Alhijra Academy is an Islamic elementary school. Our school currently offers Pre school ( Minimum Age-3 years) and kindergarten-8th grade classes serving 170 students in Windsor, Ontario. With its exceptional teachers, small classes and a holistic curriculum integrated with Islamic and Quran programs Al-Hijra Academy offers an outstanding academic and Islamic education to all children. As an Islamic school we also offer fully integrated Tahfeez program called Quran and itís sciences. Tahfeez program is lead by dedicated Quran teacher where core focus is memorization of the Quran. As a private Islamic school Alhijra academy does not receive any public funding and to maintain our operations we also depend on the generosity and dedication of donors and volunteers from our community, who are all essential members of our Al-Hijra Academy team. Collectively, this team provides the Islamic environment, resources and high expectations necessary for our students to thrive. Al-Hijra Academy is a registered non-profit charitable organization and is governed by a board of directors. In August of 1997, devoted community members who believed that providing a full-time, Islamic education for Muslim children was vital founded Al-Hijra School. The community got together, purchased a church in a quiet, rural area at the Windsor border of LaSalle, and converted it into Al-Hijra Mosque and School. Al-Hijra Academy is registered with the Private Schools of Ontario. The academic program at Al-Hijra Academy prepares students for the challenges of the next level. Ultimately, students are poised to be successful during high school study. We meet or exceed all Ontario elementary education requirements. Literacy involves communication and understanding in English. Beginning at kindergarten, students learn about the world through reading, talking and discussing, and express themselves through oral and written work. At Al-Hijra academy our focus is also Arabic language in addition to English. The nature of Alhijra Primary Years is geared towards building a strong Islamic foundation. Numeracy at kindergarten involves counting and identifying numbers, and as students progress through the grades they learn all of the mathematics required for high school level work. An important feature of the Alhijra Academy is that mathematics is a required subject through to graduation. Teachers work hard to integrate mathematics into other subject areas, so that students understand how mathematics is not only theoretical, but also practical. Second language instruction is important for the Al-Hijra Academy program. Students are introduced to Arabic language at kindergarten. French is added at later Grades. At all levels, specialists teach our second languages. Scientific discovery is important from kindergarten, where students begin their learning by understanding their senses. Science topics are discussed in the context of big ideas in the Primary Years Program, and through subject area study from grades 5 to 8. The school has excellent track record in science subjects, and many teachers with science backgrounds. Every year kids prepare science projects to participate in school science fair competition. The winners from school science fair qualify to participate in Regional Science Fair held by University of Windsor. Our students have won Medals at this competition consistently. The Alhijra Academy looks at the roles of the individual in society through religious study, right from kindergarten. Social studies topics often connect to science, Islam and mathematics. Students engage in research that leads to report-writing, debates, and speech competitions . Often, the content is related to real issues that are occurring in the world at the time. In all cases, academic subjects encourage critical thinking. Often this is accomplished through inquiry: asking questions of increasing complexity.

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