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Toronto International College - ISSCC - International Education & Study Abroad SpecialistSchool ID: 736
School Name: Toronto International College
School Type: Co-Ed
City: Toronto
Tuition fee: CAD$13,680 per academic year/two semesters, see website for other courses
Residential Type: Homestay, Private House/Apartment Rentals, Temporary Accommodation
Rental fee:
Program offer: OSSD & University Preparation Courses, ESL, Other prep. courses
Other Information: Our Vision and Belief At TIC, we have a great vision that the world is becoming a global city that is composed of world citizens living together in an equal and peaceful environment. We firmly believe that every one of us in the human race has a right to quality education that enables us to develop our knowledge and skills and reach our full potential so that we can all contribute to a happy and prosperous world. Our faith is central to the educational experience which we offer to our students. Our school motto, ‘Perstare and Prestare' in Latin, recognizes the values of diligence, creativity, excellence and integrity. which are woven into our curriculum that encourages our students to become honest, diligent and responsible global citizens who are dedicated to persistent pursuit excellence in all their future endeavors. Our Academic Success We have a solid history of academic success and it is our aim to provide a nurturing and inspiring learning environment where each individual student can realize their personal potential. TIC strives to provide holistic education and academic excellence is an important part of that education, however we also value a student's willingness to develop their personal potential and attain their personal best. We provide a quality learning environment which supports and nurtures your child in a way that is best for them. Our Faculty and Staff The Faculty and Staff of TIC are an exceptional group of teachers and educators. They are a cohesive team and have an outstanding level of commitment and dedication to their students. Every teacher is dedicated to serving our students and providing the best education for your children. They represent some of the best teachers and administrative staff in the educational community of Canada. The staff of our College is committed to providing a professional, supportive and nurturing learning environment for our students. Our Students The student body of TIC reflects the emphasis we place on a strong sense of school community. I feel justifiably proud of our students - they are supportive of one another and share a sense of pride in their school. TIC strives to be an active part of our local community and to provide an environment that shields our students from many of the harmful influences of today's society. Our Future I am excited about the future at TIC. We will continue to work hard to ensure we are innovative and visionary so that our school will be a bright light in our community. Our goal is to fulfill our mission to foster worthy global citizens in providing excellence and caring in the education of your children. I invite you to visit our school and it is my hope that we can be of service to you and your family in the future. Program & Courses The main purpose of this section of the website of TIC is to provide our students and their parents with detailed, accurate, and up-to-date information about the requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), the program and the courses, the academic policies and the services offered by Toronto international College so that they can become fully informed.

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