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North Toronto Christian School (Formerly called The Yorkland School) - ISSCC - International Education & Study Abroad SpecialistSchool ID: 722
School Name: North Toronto Christian School (Formerly called The Yorkland School)
School Type: Co-Ed
City: Toronto
Tuition fee: CAD$11,270.00 (Overseas students)
Residential Type: Homestay
Rental fee:
Program offer: Grade 1 - 6 (Elementary), Grade 7 - 8 (Junior High), Grade 9 - 12 (Senior High/ OSSD)
Other Information: The Yorkland School combines with the North Toronto Christian School (Elementary School) to enrich educational program with a traditional, Bible-based approach to life and learning. North Toronto Christian School is a co-educational Christian elementary and high school, not affiliated with any specific church or denomination. The Bible is used as an integral part of the school curriculum and all matters of counselling, discipline, and school life are governed by a commitment to Biblical principles and values. North Toronto Christian School is a coeducational, interdenominational Christian elementary and high school (Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12). NTCS is not affiliated with any specific church or denomination. Traditional Christian values are promoted and integrated into the arts, sciences, and all additional aspects of the school program. The program at NTCS is designed primarily for Canadian residents, but there are a number of places available at the higher grade levels for students who enter Canada on a student Visa. The school is particularly interested in students who have relatives in Toronto with children attending North Toronto Christian School, and who plan to live with those relatives while attending the school. Students are also considered if they are recommended by parents who currently have children in NTCS, or if they are referred to the school through a church, mission organization, or representative in an overseas country The tuition fee for an overseas student in the academic program (grade 7 - 12) for one full school year (September through June) includes ESL classes, which may be required as part of their studies according to their English ability. Fees must be paid in full prior to the start of the school year. For the first year an overseas student is at NTCS, the tuition fees include mandatory health insurance coverage. ESL PROGRAM Students must meet a certain standard of English before gaining admission to the North Toronto Christian School program. All students are required to complete grade 12 English and pass the Ontario Secondary School's Literacy Test in order to graduate. Depending on a student's reading and writing skill level, this may affect their grade placement at NTCS. The level of English proficiency of any prospective student applicant is very important to the school. It is critical for a student to have English skills that will enable them to participate fully while attending classes with English students. Each overseas student will undergo language proficiency tests upon arrival at North Toronto Christian School. Depending on the results of these tests, the student may be required to take English as a Second Language courses to improve their English level. An ESL program is also available, designed to teach English to overseas students to a level that will prepare them for the academic program at NTCS and for successful university study when they graduate. These courses emphasize the importance of speaking and listening skills and vocabulary development, along with the reading and writing skills necessary for the academic subjects. Instruction is also given in social studies, history, and geography. Extracurricular activities are a large part of every student's life at North Toronto Christian School. Therefore, all international students are encouraged to get involved in the teams, clubs, and committees at NTCS. Additionally, students are introduced to Canadian culture and lifestyle. The program at the Chandos Outdoor Education Centre in northern Ontario and school trips in and around Toronto expose students to the diversity of Canadian life.

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