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Holly Elementary School - ISSCC - International Education & Study Abroad SpecialistSchool ID: 677
School Name: Holly Elementary School
School Type: Co-Ed
City: Delta
Tuition fee: CAD$12,000
Residential Type: Home Stay
Rental fee: CAD$750 / month, CAD$200 for the placement fee
Program offer: Kindergarten - Grade 7
Other Information: This school is within Delta School District, and this is the 2nd best school district in BC Holly is a school community made up of a caring and professional staff, a supportive and active parent group, and a hard-working enthusiastic student body. Holly Elementary has a wonderful school culture - rich in the minds, hearts and attitude of kids, staff and parents too! Holly takes great pride in the quality of relationships that exist between staff, students and parents.There is a solid base of shared values so everyone can participate in the school community in a meaningful way. Holly Elementary is a great place to learn! The complex dynamics of each individual student and their learning needs is what drive us to reach each child's potential and to make learning interesting for them. We use the BC Ministry of Education Curricula and the BC Performance Standards as the basis for student learning and assessment for/ as/ for learning. We have implemented many new resouces in the core subject areas that demand an inquiry focus approach to learning. Our school goals reach out to at risk learners to our competent students in the areas of Mathematics, Literacy and H.A.C.E. (Health and Career Education). For example, we are currently using Adrienne Geare's approach to Reading called Reading Power for fiction and non-fiction text. Essentially, we are teaching our student to learn how they are reading while they are reading. Another example in Mathematics is the implementation of manipulatives to support the vocabulary rich, problem base approach to Math concepts. Finally, for H.A.C.E, we are using many resources, such as Kids in The Know to teach empathy and safety. Our School Base Learning Team follows up with specific individual learning needs for students throughout the year in addition to the daily routines/practices/communication that occur in the classroom. We place the emphasis of responsibility of learning on the student as they mature, but maintain strong communication with parents to ensure that all our students has a successful learning experience at Holly.

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