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Hellings Elementary School - ISSCC - International Education & Study Abroad SpecialistSchool ID: 676
School Name: Hellings Elementary School
School Type: Co-Ed
City: Delta
Tuition fee: CAD$12,000
Residential Type: Home Stay
Rental fee: CAD$750 / month, CAD$200 for the placement fee
Program offer: Kindergarten - Grade 7
Other Information: This school is within Delta School District, and this is the 2nd best school district in BC Hellings Elementary School is located in the central part of North Delta. It serves an area along what has become known as the Scott Road Corridor. The community has a mix of single-family housing, apartments and a commercial section along Scott Road. The school is a pod-designed school built approximately thirty years ago. It has most of the standard features of an elementary school including a full-size gym, library and computer lab. Currently, the school houses 390 students from Kindergarten to Grade Seven. Programs offered include E.S.L., Language Enhancement, Learning Assistance, and Primary and Intermediate Resource Rooms for Life Skills. The school has a teaching and support staff of 30 and 10 E.A.’s. Once a relatively stable homogenous suburban community, the Hellings?catchment area has undergone rapid change in the last ten years. It is now a very diverse socio-economic community. The ethnic mix of the community has changed also. Hellings has had in recent years one of the district’s largest E.S.L. populations with the largest second language student group being Indo-Canadian. The result of the changes is a student population that is culturally, economically and socially very mixed. In a very real and positive sense our students?education is enriched by the diversity of backgrounds that are brought to the school. “Differentness?is accepted as a way of life. Students must learn to be accepting and to get along, and look for the “sameness?in one another. The school has positive parent support. The school has a relatively new group of Parent Advisory Council members who are learning to extend their influence into the community and encourage more people to get involved. We invite you to visit our school, appreciate our unique gifts and join our community of learners and leaders. The Ministry of Education assigns specific curriculum objectives and expected learning outcomes for each subject area at each grade level. Teachers at Hellings follow the mandated curriculum and Ministry Guidelines. If parents are interested in the nature of materials used, or the expected outcomes as outlined in these curriculum guides (Integrated Resource Packages), please feel free to check with your child's teacher. As well, complete copies of the IRPs (Integrated Resource Packages) are available for public perusal on the Internet (Curriculum and Resources Branch Web Site) at: http://www.gov.bc.ca/irp/ Your child's program (Grades One through Seven) consists of the following areas of instruction: •Language Arts - Reading, Spelling, Written Expression, Handwriting, Speaking, and Listening. •Mathematics •Science (Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Physical Science) •Social Studies (History, Geography, Political Science) •Core French (Grades 5,6,7). •Physical Health Education (All students are expected to actively participate in all activities to the best of their ability. Students are expected to wear proper gym strip: shorts, t-shirt or sweatshirt, runners with non-marking soles and no large heels. A note is appreciated if a student is too ill to participate.) •Personal Planning (Child Safety programs, career exploration/planning, personal goal setting and time management. Each student in Grades 3 through 7 is required to have a student daily planner at school each day as a part of their Personal Planning curriculum.) •Visual and Performing Arts •Music Appreciation •Information Technology (Computer Education)

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