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Clifton High School - ISSCC - International Education & Study Abroad SpecialistSchool ID: 649
School Name: Clifton High School
School Type: Girls
City: Bristol
Tuition fee: 2,655 - 3,780 per term
Residential Type: Home Stay
Rental fee:
Program offer: Nursery to Year 12, High Sixth
Other Information: Clifton High School is a long-established, independent school in the beautiful and historic area of Clifton in Bristol. We accept pupils both from England and internationally, aged 16+ into our 6th Form. Students are placed with carefully chosen host families, overseen by a Family Boarding Co-ordinator, and live as members of those families during the term. Each student is provided with his or her own room and study facilities so that their privacy is respected and they are relieved of the pressure of a communal life which can feel impersonal and surprisingly lonely, especially for students from overseas. This is the ideal way for students who live too far to commute daily or whose families are based overseas, to take advantage of all that this excellent school set in a lovely location on the edge of a busy, lively city can offer. Parents can rest assured that their sons or daughters are being looked after wisely and given the degree of freedom balanced with family care that reflects what they would experience in their own homes Clifton High School gives its students every opportunity to realise their full potential, academically, socially and in extra-curricular activities. Students discover and develop their own aptitude and interests, whether academic, sporting, artistic or in performance. We encourage all our young people to believe in themselves, to think independently and to face challenges with confidence, determination and a sense of excitement. At Clifton High School, our students form strong, lasting friendships, a network which will be of benefit throughout their lives. Clifton High School is a very special school. Founded in 1877 by visionaries with a belief in education for life, we have grown to be one of the leading schools in the south west, providing an excellent education for children from aged four to eighteen. In September 2008 we welcomed our first young men into our Sixth Form and we are now fully co-educational at secondary level following the Diamond Edge Model for years 7-9. You can feel what a special place this is as you walk around the school. It is full of laughter and parents comment on the excellent relationships between teachers and pupils - relaxed but always respectful. The almost tangible rapport between adult and pupil creates an atmosphere where your child can develop happily and successfully. We encourage all our young people to believe in themselves and to face challenges with confidence, determination and a sense of excitement. Your children learn to think for themselves, to do their very best and to care for others in school and in the wider world. They also discover their own talents and interests, whether academic, sporting, artistic or in performance. This website cannot do more than give you a glimpse into what Clifton High School is all about and the education it gives your child. Do come and visit us; meet the teachers, pupils and the Executive; we look forward to showing you around. Co-ed Sixth Form in the heart of Clifton. The sixth form at any educational establishment provides a vitally important period of transition for its students, whether it be between school and university, school and gap year or school and the workplace. Our pupils learn, excel and flourish at Clifton High Sixth, and we pride ourselves on seeing them develop into well-balanced and fulfilled ndividuals who have developed their talents to the full. We encourage each student to adopt the very best possible learning techniques. The importance of independent learning, self-motivation and resilience cannot be over emphasized; we believe it is our role to prepare your son or daughter in the best possible way, not only for excellent A Level results but also for the rigours of life and learning that they will face in the future. We encourage the students to develop a breadth, both academically, for example in the combination of subjects they choose to study, and socially, in the groups they mix with and the activities they embark upon. Throughout the sixth form, students are encouraged to take on responsibility and have many opportunities to lead and become active in our community. There is a wide range of extra-curricular activities made available to them, as well as many lectures, workshops, visits, trips and tours. Our sixth form is becoming increasingly popular, both with our own pupils and those from elsewhere. The sixth form is almost at capacity, and it appears likely that interest from outside students will be at least as high as it was last year. We shall always give first priority to our own year 11 students but we recommend that everyone, both from CHS and elsewhere, register a commitment the Clifton High Sixth as soon as possible. Clifton High Sixth, with its own purpose built separate area of the school, is a thriving centre of excellence and a natural bridge between school and university. Clifton High Sixth welcomes boys as well as girls. At a time whenstudents are making important decisions about university and life, it is natural to consider making a change. If GCSEs have been taken in a single sex environment, continuing studies within the real-life environment of co-education may well be seen as a more realistic introduction to university life. Within the supportive environment of Clifton High Sixth all students can focus on achieving their A-Levels, nurture their individual talents and make a smooth transition from school to university and into the wider world.

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