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Oxford Tutorial College - ISSCC - International Education & Study Abroad SpecialistSchool ID: 541
School Name: Oxford Tutorial College
School Type: Co-Ed
City: Oxford
Tuition fee: 900 - 2,030 per subject
Residential Type: Host family or hostel accommodation
Rental fee: 160 to 200 per week
Program offer:
Other Information: Oxford Tutorial College is an independent sixth-form college specialising in 'A' level and GCSE tuition for those intending to go on to higher education. Over the years it has established an excellent reputation for providing effective preparation for public examinations. This is achieved by thorough exam-specific teaching and close attention to the needs of the individual student, enabling reinforcement of understanding and attention to areas of weakness. Small seminar groups are combined with individual tuition, allowing for effective syllabus coverage and careful guidance with each student's understanding of material and production of written work. In a number of ways the college offers an environment quite different to that of a traditional school. The teaching approach is refreshingly interactive and informal. The support provided by both subject tutors and other academic staff is thoughtful and creative, focusing specifically on individual needs and learning styles. Each student receives an element of one-to one tuition as part of their teaching programme. Students are encouraged at every stage to take an active part in the learning process. Extra-curricular activities are offered, but are by no means mandatory. There are few rules, but a culture which encourages industry and a growing sense of responsibility. There are no restrictions as to the choice of subjects or subject combinations, although students are advised to make choices appropriate to their degree course or vocational aim and to take subjects which engage their interest and fit in with their abilities and aptitudes. The full range of 'A' level subjects is available, not only traditional school subjects but also others which do not require previous study and may be taken up for the first time. The relative informality of the teaching method at the college, with its emphasis on small group and one-to-one instruction, its focus on individual student needs, and its flexibility, enables students to approach their work calmly and objectively, in a supportive environment which allows feedback and discussion with the tutor. At Oxford Tutorial College, we welcome applications from overseas students and encourage the stimulus that cultural diversity brings to our sixth-form college. About 30% of our A-level students arrive from overseas, and discover a student-centred, positive learning environment, small classes and excellent and caring teachers, often very different to the large teacher-centred classes they have encountered at home. International students at OTC can be secure in the knowledge that they will receive superb, individualised lessons, and that they will be well-prepared for the demands of A-level and university study. Students develop close relationships with their tutors and are consequently able to develop the skills of independent thought and academic self-discipline that are so highly rewarded by A-level examiners and university entrance decision-makers. The APP is aimed at international students, aged 16+ with an IELTS score of between 4.0 and 5.5 (in all disciplines) who wish to prepare for A-levels with the intention of attending a high-ranking university in the UK. The APP course aims to prepare the student both academically and personally for living and studying in the UK.

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