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Coromandel Outdoor Language Centre - ISSCC - International Education & Study Abroad SpecialistSchool ID: 535
School Name: Coromandel Outdoor Language Centre
School Type: Co-Ed
City: Whitianga
Tuition fee: NZ$280 - $880 /wk
Residential Type: Homestay / Hostel
Rental fee: Placement Fee: NZD$150, Homestay / hostel: NZD$235/week
Program offer: English, Examination Preparation Course, Environmental Studies
Other Information: Coromandel Outdoor Language Centre (COLC) was founded in 1988 by Maurice Kirby with the aim of providing a high standard of English tuition in a setting capable of offering a truly unique New Zealand experience. The school originally operated from Mr Kirby's home before shifting to its present location in Whitianga. For some time there was a second campus in Whangamata, but that closed in 2005. Today, new owners Kim and Robyn Lawry continue to look for new ways to make your stay interesting and enjoyable, while still providing excellent English tuition. We are in one of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand and we are very proud of our wonderful location. We will show you as much of the Coromandel Peninsula as we can while you are at COLC. You will see the tourist attractions but we will also take you to all the best beaches and to those fantastic little places that the average tourist never gets to see. COLC is one of only four NZ schools who are members of the International Association of Language Centres (IALC). Members regularly undergo academic audits to ensure that excellent educational and professional standards are maintained. We teach communicative English in a way that makes learning fun. Our teachers extend classroom learning with visits to local businesses, the museum, the information centre, the kindergarten and many other places where students use English in real communication with local people. We believe in ˇ§Learning by Doingˇ¨ and our ˇ§Activity Programˇ¨ takes students into new situations where they meet interesting local personalities, learn a variety of skills and try out exciting new activities. We teach English as a second Language, but you will learn much more that that when you spend time with us. Our classes are small with a maximum of 10 students per class. The minimum age to study at COLC is 16 years and our oldest student so far, an 80 year old, loved doing activities. Students of all ages and nationalities enjoy our 'English only' rule and get to share each others' culture. We can alter your program to meet your needs. Every Wednesday night the school runs "Open Night", which is an opportunity for all students to mix in a social environment. Open night activities include Kiwi BBQs, games and movie nights, pizza parties, karaoke and students from the same country often get together to cook a national dish and prepare a feast for the other students.

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