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River East Transcona School Division - ISSCC - International Education & Study Abroad SpecialistSchool ID: 408
School Name: River East Transcona School Division
School Type: Co-Ed
City: Winnipeg
Tuition fee: Full year tuition (2 semesters): $10,000
Residential Type: Homestay
Rental fee: CAD$650 per month (lodging and food)
Program offer: Junior / Senior High School Program
Other Information: River East Transcona, centrally located in north-east Winnipeg, is the second largest school district in the province of Manitoba. We offer a diverse range of innovative, challenging, and internationally-recognized academic and technical vocational programs for junior and secondary international students. Some of our unique courses include bio-medical internships, climate control technology, graphic communications, marine biology, fashion technology, and aerospace. We provide high quality ESL programming in our campuses and the staff of our ESL centres are curriculum leaders in English language development. Many of our River East Transcona campuses have received national and international recognition for their strong academic, music, and athletics programs. A large number of our students consistently rank in the top 2% in various provincial, national, and international physics and mathematics competitions. We are well known in the city for our numerous awards as champions in soccer, basketball, volleyball, and hockey. We have a world-renowned music production program with the only state-of-the-art music recording studio in the city of Winnipeg. Our senior high campuses vary in population between approximately 600¡V1,200 students. Our middle schools (junior high schools) generally have fewer students. The average class size at all levels ranges between 20¡V30 students per class. English Second Language (ESL) classes have smaller enrolments, resulting in a more personalized approach to learning. International students are assigned to one of our campuses by the managing director of the International Education Program. The administrator or guidance counselor of the selected school will determine the specific program of studies for the student. Transfer of home country credits will be granted based upon information provided from previous schools. The six River East Transcona senior high schools and the 11 middle schools (junior high schools) provide a variety of course and program options for international students. The River East Transcona Schools ¡E International Education Program offers various study term options to meet your needs. You can choose to enrol with us for a compete school year (2 semesters) or for a single semester, beginning in either September or February. At the high school level, our school year is divided into two parts, each part called a semester. The regular, complete school year begins in September after our Canadian ¡§Labour Day¡¨ weekend and is completed at the end of June. A complete school year can also run from February until the end of January, with our summer vacation time (July and August) in between. You have many options as to how to complete your full year of studies. Remember that those international students who choose a complete year of studies will have a more intense English immersion experience. You will also have greater opportunity to use your developed English skills and notice rapid improvement over the course of the year. The longer-term program options will provide you the opportunity to become comfortable with Canadian lifestyle and integrate more fully into our culture and educational system.

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